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Welcome to the first episode of created to promote North Carolina vineyards, wineries and tasting rooms! In this episode we visit FireClay Cellars Vineyard & Winery located at 1276 Bowers Store Rd, Siler City, NC in Chatham county! They feature several activities and boast an exceptional array of dry French style wines; visit them soon! Click the image above to check out the video!

Did you know North Carolina has a "state toast"? Do you know the words? In celebration of North Carolina Wine Month and in gratitude to the wine, mead, cider and grape growing industries of the "Old North State" wine bloggers and influencers from across the state joined me in this rendition of the state toast! Click the image above to view the video!


In recognition of NC Grape Month 2020 I assembled an impressive panel of people with knowledge of NC grapes and wine. I told them to "REPresent Your Grape! Click on the image above to hear their revelations about NC wine grapes!

ISIMG-804522 (1).JPG

In celebration of NC Wine Month Merlot2muscadine hosts a blind tasting featuring the varietal Tannat with selections from Old and New World as well as examples from NC wineries.

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